What the fuck are you talking about? You’re basing love on turn ons and turn offs. You should have dated the switch then.
Just a story… ♥

I want you to be happy, so go imagine yourself with your fave guy. ;)


It is so perfect. You guys are more than friends, but less than lovers. You decided not to put a label on your relationship, because you both want to enjoy it as much as you can. Even without the label, you know it would last forever. But one night, you were fighting with your guy (Your fave guy or any band member). You can’t understand him anymore, and neither do he. You are in your apartment, trying to sort things out with him. But nothing feels so right and everything’s falling apart.

Him: What do you want to do now?
Me: I don’t know.

You looked at his face and saw pain all over it. You can’t take it anymore. You love him but hurting him was the worst of all. Seeing this, you made up your mind that you would just isolate yourself.

Me: Can you please just leave?
Him: What did you say?
Me: I said, LEAVE!

You pushed him out of your apartment and slammed the door behind you. You were praying that he won’t knock, so you won’t be tempted to open the door again. And your prayer was granted. You heard footsteps going down the hallway, until the sound disappeared.

Days have gone by, and you’re trying your best to fix things up. You were a mess, and you decided it was time to move on. You decided to move into a new apartment, because the old one reminds you of so many memories. You opened your laptop for the last time before moving, and you saw different entertainment news about him. He’s been dating girls, possibly every girl out there. In every occasion he attends, there’s a new girl in his arms. There have been rumors that the girls are just using him, just playing with him. But he acts like he doesn’t care anyway. Your heart was twitching from the pain. And you just want to kill that girl reporter who called him a playboy. Because you know that’s not true. He’s not like that.

You were checking your twitter and you saw he tweeted a picture. You hesitated, but you opened it anyway. It said…

Happy Easter! :)

Who do you like?
  • Him: Who do you like?
  • Her: No one.
  • Him: Oh. Who do you like?
  • Her: NO ONE! How many times do you have to ask that?
  • Him: Until you say my name.